Public Masses have been suspended by the Diocese of Memphis. The Mass intentions of the faithful are still be offered by the priests in their private daily Masses. The obligation to attend Mass has been lifted during this extraordinary time. Participate in St. Francis' Sunday Mass virtually by following the link from our homepage or Facebook page. Local channel 23 (cable channel 14) televises Catholic Mass on Sundays at 10:30am & 6pm.

Due to the City of Memphis's Safer at Home executive order, the chapel and church will be closed until further notice. The Church Office will re-open when the order is no longer in effect. This page will be updated as changes are implemented. Voicemail (901.756.1213) and email ([email protected]) will be monitored regularly while we are shut down.  

Please remember that the mission of the Church continues even in crisis situations. Indeed, the continuity of our ministries is dependent on you now more than ever! Please continue to contribute to the offertory by mailing checks to St. Francis Church, 8151 Chimneyrock Blvd., Cordova, TN 38016, or click here to enroll in online donations. If you need assistance in setting up online donations, please email [email protected] or leave a message at (901)756-1213. May the Lord bless you for being good stewards of His Church in Cordova.

Did you know? - In the absence of opportunities for the Sacrament of Penance, there is still a means of grace of forgiveness available through an Act of Perfect Contrition. What is perfect contrition? It is a sincere sorrow for sins motivated by love of God above all things. How does one make an act of perfect contrition? One should express to God that he/she is truly sorry for their sins, not because of fear of hell, but because of love for God who deserves all of our love. If one makes a sincere act of perfect contrition, all sins are forgiven, even mortal sins, provided that he/she has the intention of making a good confession as soon as possible. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1452.)

We continue to pray fervently for those who are suffering, and humbly ask the Lord for His protection and mercy. LET US PRAY FOR THE SICK IN OUR COMMUNITY—Please remember the following  parishioners and friends of St. Francis in your prayers:  Jane Archer, Charlie Bargiachi, Ricky Barreto, Ryan Barrow, Lillian Bernard, Charles Best, Sylvia Best, Jan Bloodworth, John Blount, Nicky Bombard, Alex Bouchard, Glenna Bradshaw, Sr. Mary Brigid, Edna Broussard, Molly Butler, Parker Card, Jessa Carter, Pat Carter, Ryan Chambers, Cecilia Chiodo, Mary Claeys, Joan Couture, Rita Cremerius, Bob Crowe, Pat Crowe, Jr., Laverne Daley, Rita Dattilo, Sue Dolan, Stephen Dufrechou,  Holly Dunehew, Pam East, Lou Ellmo, Rich Esteb, Daniel Evans, Nola Ezell, Alfred Fernandez, Buddy Fletschinger,  Eliza Foley, Gene Gaerig, Earl Gillespie, Barbara Glidewell, Tom Griffin, Chris Hall, Jim Hall, Michelle Halpin, Rick Herron, Harry Hess, Pat Hoppe, Martha Jackson, Brent Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Bobbi Johnston, Charlie Kenny, Heather Kenny, Barbara Killian, John King, John Kirkland, Maury Knowlton, Kathy Kolby, JoAnne LeBlanc, Dcn. Charles Lightcap, Lyn Lightcap, Vivian LoBianco, Matthew Mitchell, Larry Mix, Lisa Naquin, Billy Ray Mynatt, Tony Neri, Robin O’Hara, Martha Patterson, Andrew Pirani, Charles Puyrus, Denise Rivers, Chuck Robinson, Donald Rodgers, Bill Rose, Anita Rounsefell, Karen Ruffin, Dell Russell-Wallace, Jean Schober, Rose Silvestri, Barbara Simmons, Gail Simmons, Donna Stokes, Judy Tiller, Bob Ward, Rosmarie Ward, Sandra Warlick, John Warner, Mark Wright, Carlene Yarmowich, and George Yohanek. Please leave a message at 901-756-1213 or email [email protected] to add to this list .